Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Dippy 18 Jan 11

Dippy and his team of devoted Keepers have been overwhelmed with the wonderfully supportive emails and enquiries that resulted from his previous Facebook profile page being closed down. Thank you all so much for your interest and caring. It would seem that the reason for the account being closed by Facebook (without warning and without explanation) is that Dippy isn’t a ‘real person’ – well, Dippy doesn’t quite understand that, especially as so many of his Facebook friends are somewhat hairy, furry or feathery themselves …..

However, as of late yesterday the Great news is that – the little Penguin is back on Facebook – just in a slightly different format! Instead of a personal profile page Dippy now has what’s known as a ‘fan page’ – he actually doesn’t mind what type of page it is just so long as he can be re-connected with his old friends (and have the chance to be in touch with even more people across the world!) You’ll still find his site by entering Dippy Seaview.

For previous followers of Dippy’s Facebook page you’ll know that Dippy’s Facebook page has has been a really fun platform for many different types of communications with a diverse audience. Dippy is looking forward to an exciting new chapter of communication with you – engaging on topics ranging from fun, frivolous flutters to conservational messages and educational insights. So if you haven’t been a friend of Dippy’s previously then why not go ahead and take the plunge now …..

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