Thursday, 10 February 2011


Thank you to everyone who has emailed in with their support and concern to our Dippy's demise on Face Book!

A couple of emails from his friends.....

Hello there,

"It seems Dippy has had to be removed from Facebook because he is not human - is it true?

That is such a shame, as we all loved to see the photos of him and all of his news - is there any way around this at all "?

Thanks for your time, Katharine

Hi Lorraine and Jules,

" I was surprised to hear about Dippy being removed from facebook, it is such a shame! I hope he is allowed back as I know all those people kept in touch with the Park through his account".

Hope you are all well and hope to see you soon, Anneliese

We are trying to contact facebook but are finding it very difficult to actually get a reply from them at the present time. We are hoping that they will allow us to transfer all of Dippy's friends over to a fan page and also reinstate our Seaview Wildlife Encounter Facebook page that came down with Dippy! If anyone has any contacts in Facebook or a telephone number or email address where we could actually talk to a real person about this any help would be very greatly appreciated.

Please email either Lorraine or Jules on otherwise it looks like we will be starting from scratch with a new fan page and this would be such a shame to lose all of Dippy's nearly 3,000 friends across the globe.....

We will keep you all posted and thanks again for all your support.....

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