Wednesday, 16 February 2011


A big thank you to Carolyn from Gurnard, Cowes, Isle of Wight! Carolyn saw the recent article on the Ventnor Blog with our request for anyone with an old or unused clinker dinghy (small wooden boat) to consider donating it for our Pelicans. The three Pink-backed Pelicans had chosen an old boat we had as decoration in the ‘Pelican Bay’ area to build their nest in – but unfortunately we had to remove it this winter as it was completely dilapidated.

Clinker dinghy donated by Carolyn from Gurnard, Cowes Feb 11

Carolyn’s two sons learnt to sail in this little boat when they were younger – but it’s been in storage and unused for some years now – so Carolyn contacted her now-grown-up-boys to ask if they’d mind donating it to a good cause. On behalf of the Pelicans, ducks and other wildfowl who will no doubt be really pleased to have use of it this comes as a big thank you to all the family!

At the risk of sounding cheeky, we’re looking for two more similar old wooden boats. They don’t need to be in great condition or even able to float – they’ll be used just for decoration – we need one for the lower lake and one for the Penguin enclosure – along with any old fishing paraphernalia such as lobster pots, oars, ropes, etc. If anyone can help please contact Jules Brittan by email:

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