Friday, 15 October 2010

Ten Penguins are re-homed!

Today was the day that Adrian, Senior Keeper from Wingham Wildlife Park, collected ten Humboldt Penguins previously bred here at the park, to be re-homed at the wildlife park situated in Kent. P1050893


The Penguins chosen to be re-homed at Wingham Wildlife Park were carefully selected by Head Keeper Craig, with an equal ratio of male and females including a couple of newly paired up penguins in the hope that they will eventually breed.

Before the penguins could be boxed up however, it was important that we ensured that the correct penguins were chosen and that Adrian didn’t accidently slip our well loved Dippy in the back of the van! Luckily each Penguin has its very own micro-chip id which can be detected using a high tech micro-chip scanner making it a quick and effective method to identify individuals.

Once we said our goodbyes each penguin was placed in a spacious, comfy and secure box ready for the journey to their new home….

We will keep you posted on how they all settle in!


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  1. Einfach nur richtig genial Aber ob die Tiersch├╝tzer davon begeistert sind, wen Pinguine gegen Instrumente geworfen werden^^