Friday, 15 October 2010

More than a dozens worth?


If you remember a few weeks ago we surprised Graham, our handsome Cockerel, by P1050944rescuing three retired battery Hens to enjoy freedom at last!

Well they certainly have been busy….One proud hen in particular has made herself a very cosy nest amongst our hay bales in pets corner and just keeps laying!!

Whilst the Hen is busy counting her precious eggs, the otters are counting the minutes it takes to indulge in these free range treats!


And its not only the Otters that love an egg every now and then but they also provide a very tasty treat for our Meerkats too!


And by the look of things these two greedy boys wasted no time in tucking in!

The only question our young female asks is... how do I get in???


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  1. very sad, humans, humans when are we going to understand?