Thursday, 7 October 2010


We are proud to be one of the most successful breeders of Humboldt Penguins in Europe. Since we introduced Humboldt Penguins to our Collection in 1997 we have been involved in an international breeding programme resulting in our supplying a number of European wildlife parks and zoos. Moving healthy stock though to other Collections ensures ongoing genetic diversity and strengthens captive bloodlines.

Next week we’re pleased to be re-homing ten of our Penguins to Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent. As Wingham haven’t had Humboldt Penguin’s in their Collection before (and apparently there are currently no others in the county of Kent), one of their senior Keepers is due to spend a day with us prior to the birds’ departure – to be ‘shown the ropes’ in terms of their husbandry and care. We look forward to welcoming the Wingham representative/s to Seaview Wildlife and trust that they will enjoy their new charges as much as we always have.

Here is a small collage with just a few of our special Humboldt Penguin moments over the last few months:

Barrow load of trouble P1020866 baby penguin in palm of hand Penguin chick with fat belly DSC_0215

dsc0213.JPGTara & penguin chick

Dippy on ice (resized)

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