Thursday, 28 October 2010

A hectic last week before the Park closes for the winter season!

Two in frayed rope

It’s been a busy, bustling, bonkers week – so much going on! We’re getting ready to close the Park to the public this coming Sunday 31st October but at the same time there’s lots happening.

As you know, we’re in the midst of the excitement of winning ‘Gold’ in the Beautiful South Awards for ‘Best Tourism Experience in the South East of England in 2010’; in amongst the resultant flurry of activity this week has brought other happenings:

Lorraine was invited to meet the MP for Tourism, Mr John Penrose; we have had evenings out with other Island Tourism and Wildlife businesses; one of our Crowned Cranes needed a trip to the vet which was quite a transportation challenge; I collected new deluxe glass tank accommodation for our Harvest Mice; and today Lorraine and I are off to visit Ashley, director of the Hawk Conservancy, for a long-overdue meeting! I’ll take my camera along and hopefully be able to snap an image or two whilst we’re there.

On Monday 1st November it’s the date for judging our ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition’ – we’ve had a record number of entries this year – and what incredible quality!! It’s going to be a tough call!

Early next week I hope to be able to Blog the results of our Breast Cancer and RSPCA fundraising, and hope to have photos and details of our last ‘Keeper for a Day’ for the Season – if Tara can snap some pics today!

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  1. Amazing footage of the Alagoma Ski Train!! truly classic stuff here man!! Damn Amtrak bastards and their liability costs.