Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sisterly love?

Meerkat (JB) DSC_0929If you remember at the beginning of the season we had two lovely young ladies join the gang of male Meerkats here at Seaview. As you can imagine the young sisters caused quite a stir on their arrival but all the same the introduction to our long awaiting males couldn’t have gone better and by the evening they were all snuggled up together!

However, now the two females are growing up and getting a little feisty, the battle is on to determine the position of imageAlpha female - only one of the females will be lucky enough to pair up with the Alpha male and produce pups.

Therefore over the last few weeks the sisters have been at each others throats and unfortunately the smallest of the two always seems to come off worse, which gives us a clue to who rules the roost! Although the wounds always appear to be worse then they actually are, after a visit from our vet we were advised to medicate the young female with a course of antibiotics to prevent any infection developing in the woP6240029und.

Dr Green also pointed out that the fighting could in fact occur at the same time as the dominant female being on heat, in which case we may find that next season we hear the pitter patter of tiny feet!

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