Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Our Robin at the Park’s Reception kiosk

Robin on wall at Reception (resized)

Robins (Erithacus rubecula) are one of the only UK birds that sing right throughout the winter. This is because they hold their territories all year round, defending against intruders with their song. Males often defend the same territory (such as a garden) throughout their lives, and they have been known to attack a bundle of red feathers or their own reflection – if they mistake it for another Robin! Their melodious voices, along with their perky little attitudes, have endeared them to the British public, and since 1960 they have been awarded the status of “The United Kingdom’s national bird”.

Robin with mealworm in beak (resized)

We have our own little character who has been visiting the Park’s reception kiosk throughout the summer. Julie at Reception has nurtured a friendship with ‘Rocking Robin’ and regularly feeds him biscuit crumbs. This morning he’d already had his biscuit breakfast so I tempted him back with a couple of mealworms so that we could share his beauty with you, our friends and regular followers of the Blog. I’m sure you won’t forget to feed the Robin and other birds in your garden – especially now that the temperatures are dropping and the nights are drawing in.

Robin blurred in flight (resized)

“Rocking Robin” pictured in flight just as he was landing on the wall outside our Reception Kiosk this morning

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