Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Baby Harvest Mice – 1st sightings of new litter – 1st September!


Baby Harvest Mouse resized & cropped DSC_0389

Baby Harvest Mouse (cropped)DSC_0387











Baby Harvest Mouse showing prehensile tail DSC_0391


This morning we had the first glimpse of one of a new litter of Harvest Mice!  These images show the tiny youngster’s first venture out of the nest.  Measuring approximately 3 cms in length and weighing only 2 or 3 grams this tiny little chap is just under 2 weeks old.  It’s already nibbling at seeds, scampering around and climbing on grasses and branches.  The image on the right shows the baby Harvest Mouse using it’s prehensile tail like another limb, helping it to grip on and move with agility as it climbs and explores.

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