Wednesday, 15 September 2010

AL WYMAN – Keeper-for-a-Day – 14 September 2010

Al & Craig feeding Meerkats (resized)

Al Wyman has been a very regular visitor to Seaview Wildlife Encounter over the past few years – so it was a real pleasure to welcome him back yesterday as a Keeper-for-a-Day. Al has retinopathy that has resulted in his being totally blind; additionally he has learning and mobility special needs, he was therefore accompanied by his carer, Tim Taylor. Despite his disabilities, Al has a wonderfully positive approach to life and really enjoys the hands-on interaction with the animals at the Park. Al, Tim and Craig (our Head keeper) spent most of their time together yesterday. Craig’s intention was to allow Al to experience as much as possible through his other senses – with particular emphasis on touch and hearing. Al’s feedback at the end of his day with us was great – he loved being part of the Animal Care Team, being able to touch, feed and be close to so many of the animals.

Al, Craig & young Penguin (resized)

Al Wyman feeding Meerkats (2) resized

Top right image shows Al and Craig feeding the Meerkats

Image above shows Craig (left) and Al stroking a young Penguin

Image right shows a Meerkat with his paws on Al’s hand

September 22nd, 2010 Letter from Al's Mum!

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you so very much to you, Jules, Craig and all the staff at Seaview's unforgettable experience for Al last Tuesday. Everyone whom Al met was extremely kind and caring, he gained such a lot of knowledge (and fun) from the 'real life' experience.

Many many thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Lindy Wyman (Al's Mum)

P.S. I will send some photographs when we get them printed.

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