Thursday, 2 September 2010

DUCK CAUGHT IN THE ACT (outside the kitchen at Seaview Wildlife Encounter!)


It hasn’t gone unnoticed that a certain lady duck has started a new ritual – mornings and evenings she waddles into the passage behind the kitchen at the Park where she has discovered a regular box of bread crusts being put out.  This morning I decided to follow her and catch her in the act of helping herself! 


Duck in passage (resized) DSC_0444 


LEFT: Waddling down the passage way this morning – the female duck that has become a regular visitor to the area outside the kitchen at Seaview Wildlife Encounter.






Duck next to bread crust box (resized)





RIGHT: Hmmmm, there’s the bread crust box, I wonder if anyone will notice if I take a closer look?



I don't 'spose anyone will notice



LEFT: Just as I thought, full of delicious crusts of bread!






Helping herself!




RIGHT: OK, I’ll go right ahead and help myself then!  Thanks to my special friends in catering for leaving these out for me!

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