Tuesday, 7 September 2010



BHWT (British Hens Welfare Trust) rescues hens from local battery farms – they’re usually fairly young chickens who have spent the most productive egg-laying months of their lives in cramped cages without natural light, unable to scratch around outdoors and fulfil their natural behaviour.  When battery hens are no longer laying eggs on a daily basis they are usually scheduled for slaughter.  The BHWT endeavours to rescue and re-home as many of these hens as they can – and this time Seaview Wildlife Encounter has taken on three ‘gorgeous girls’ to offer them a new life of freedom at the Park.

Graham, our handsome, resident Rooster (pictured below left) was photographed earlier today checking out the three new arrivals -even though they’re still a bit scruffy from the ordeal of battery life – they are already making their presence known and have been seen strutting their stuff around Pet’s Corner!  The Animal Care Team are watching to see if Graham pairs off with one, or perhaps will polygamously pursue all three!


Three new Hens from BHWT 6 Sept 10 (resized)

Cockerel Graham on new hen's arrival

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