Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Yasmin & Melissa feeding Wallabies (2) resized

Yesterday we had double trouble at the Park – no, not really, we had the pleasure of having twin sisters, Melissa and Yasmin Payne, aged 12, and from Newport, Isle of Wight. The twins were treated to being Keepers for a Day as a belated birthday present from Stephanie, their Mum (who was almost as enthusiastic about the adventures of the day as the girls were! )

Both Melissa and Yasmin said they’d had an awesome day. They both enjoyed the Penguins. Yasmin said her favourite encounter was with the Wallabies, while Melissa took a particular shine to Cornelius the Corn Snake. I managed to snap a couple of images as mementos of their special day.

Yasmin Payne feeding Wallabie (resized)

Melissa Payne with young Penguin (resized) DSC_0495

The image above shows Yasmin having some ‘up-close-and-personal-time with the Wallabies; whilst the image on the left shows Melissa with one of the young Penguins.

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