Thursday, 11 March 2010

Shooo what a week, media, dips and exciting new arrivals!

It kicked off on Monday with the 'Cash in the Attic' shoot at the Penguin Pool ..... then on Tuesday we hosted a fashion shoot with the Island's newest, most exciting magazine, Style of Wight; we're not allowed to say too much yet, nor publish any photos, but look out for the next edition of Style of Wight due in 2 weeks time..... then came Wednesday and Isle of Wight Radio came to interview the Animal Keepers for a radio promotion that we're doing with them next week .... so don't forget to tune in to Isle of Wight Radio every day next week to hear the clues .....

The real dip in the week came late yesterday with the death of our little abandoned Wallaby Joey. Unfortunately the little chap didn't make it - the natural world can be harsh sometimes .... we did all we could but this one didn't survive.

With each dip there's a mountain peak to mirror it ..... yesterday also brought new life ...... we have two new arrivals at the Park ..... brand new for 2010 ....... our AMAZING ALPACAS!!! The two boys (they're both about 5 months old) look like giant teddy bears - they're absolutely gorgeous and have already settled in. We can hardly wait to share them with visitors to the Park ..... only a few more days to go before the Park opens on Saturday 27th March. We're hoping to see many old friends and to welcome a lot of new ones.

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