Monday, 8 March 2010

BBC1's "Cash in the Attic" filmshoot at Seaview Wildlife's Penguin Pool

The image above shows Ben Strivens from Leopard Films (making BBC1's "Cash in the Attic") with Sandy and Ellie Plowright. (Photo taken this morning at Seaview Wildlife's Penguin Pool). The photo below is Sandy with Dippy (any chance of being in the limelight and he's there!)
We hope to hear from Sandy after she returns from her winning trip to Antarctica ......

We recently received a call from Ben Strivens of Leopard Films (filming for BBC1'S "Cash in the Attic"). Ben was hoping for footage of our Penguins - along with the lucky programme participant, Sandy Plowright. Through 'Cash in the Attic' Sandy successfully auctioned off a heap of 'treasures' that were previously stashed in her attic - and with the income is planning a once-in-a-lifetime-trip to Antarctica! Sandy has a particular passion for Penguins and, having visited Seaview Wildlife many times before, made a special request for the pre-trip photo shoot to take place here at the Park. The exciting event took place this morning (Monday 8 March) - the weather was fantastic - blue skies and sunshine! Dippy and all the gang were happy to be the focus of attention; they enjoyed an extra feast of tasty sprats and Dippy had his tummy tickled whilst blinking contentedly in the spring sunshine!

We'll let you know once Ben confirms the date that this episode of 'Cash in the Attic' will be televised.

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