Friday, 26 March 2010


Over the EASTER WEEKEND, Seaview Wildlife Encounter is hosting the Great Mystery Wildlife Quiz Trail.
Visitors can hunt for hidden wildlife clues and even be part of the popular, hands-on wildlife encounters.
There are free creamy Easter eggs if you discover all the answers. The star prize is a giant basket of egg-cellent Easter goodies.
Entry forms are available at the Park entrance.

New arrivals have also landed at the Park - Amazing Alpacas that look just like giant teddy bears.
Dippy, the Park's head-honcho Humboldt Penguin, is the first real penguin to be launched on Facebook. To become friends with Dippy, just search for Dippy Seaview.

The Penguin brigade have been very busy recently. They've been building ground nests and laying eggs ready to hatch their chicks in the next few weeks. You can help feed the Penguins at 11.30am and 3.30pm every day.

Two new female Meerkats have also joined the Park recently and they've really bowled over the three boys at the Park. The gang are at their most mischievous right now and are a joy to watch. Feeding time is at 2.15pm daily.

The three otters, who arrived last Easter, were quite shy on arrival - but not anymore. The three brothers are cheeky, noisy and always hungry. When the Keepers go into their enclosure they have to watch out, because the otters bite their boots!

For the ultimate otter observation, watch them being fed at 3pm daily.

Seaview Wildlife Encounter has just launched its new website and Blog. Log on regularly to keep up to date with what's happening at the Park.

Ducklings are starting to hatch and the baby Joey Wallabies are peeking out of their mother's pouches.

By Jules Brittan and Jamie White

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