Thursday, 11 March 2010

School Visit update!

Fluffy has been a very busy bunny! Along with Tara ( Education Officer), Fern and Holly (Animal Keepers) and even Alison (work experience student) we have managed to visit all corners of the Isle of Wight including All Saints Primary in Freshwater, Brighstone Primary, Oakfield Primary in Ryde and Wroxall Primary, with more still to come!
Fluffy our New Zealand Giant Rabbit, as well as Colin and Cassandra our Hissing Cockroaches AND of course Cornelius our Corn Snake (pictured above) have become quite accustomed to all the inquisitive and eager eyed children we have visited so far.
If you would like more information about organising a school visit from Tara, Fluffy, Cornelius and Colin and Cassandra then please visit our NEW improved website for more details!

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