Saturday, 13 March 2010

Humboldt Penguin Chicks soon to be hatched!

The above image: Baby penguins when they are around two months old!
Spring is definately in the air! Our established Humboldt Penguin breeding pairs have been very busy of late - mating, collecting nest material, more mating, stealing nest material from other penguin caves, laying eggs and now all eight breeding pairs are sitting tight.
They sit for between 39-42 days and the male and female both take turns in incubating the eggs. The image above shows a 2 day old baby penguin - very cute!
Their hatch weight can be anything from 70 grammes up to around 90 grammes ( a good healthy weight).
We'll keep you updated when the first eggs start pipping....should be around the first week of April.
Don't forget the Park opens in two weeks time - March 27th!

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