Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Letter of the Week - from Marion Wade

Image: Pink-Backed Pelican - M.E. Wade - 2009

Marion and Tony Wade have been returning visitors to Seaview Wildlife Encounter over a number of years. Marion regularly enters our 'wildlife photographer of the year' competition and has proven herself to be a talent to be reckoned with! We recently entered some of Marion's photographs taken during her trip to the Park last year onto our website - http://www.seaviewwildlife.com/ (Photo Gallery) - our doing this may have sparked Marion into writing the really warm letter that we've selected as our 'letter of the week' - below. Thank you Marion - we hope to see you and Tony back again really soon and hope you may consider submitting some new photographs in this year's competition.

"Dear Jules,

It was lovely to meet you at the “Wightlife Photography Exhibition” last December. We had a wonderful time, and of course I loved seeing my pictures displayed.

I have just spent a brilliant evening imagining myself back on the Isle of Wight, while looking at your updated web site, which I loved. Then to my surprise I find my pictures in your gallery! So I decided to contact you and say how thrilled I was to see you using them. I also enjoyed reading through all the “Blog” pages, and in doing so I came across your picture of the Pelican, taken as you described, “in the soft morning light, in that unusual pose”, which was really lovely.

We are hoping to visit the island later this year but it will depend on Tony's health. The operation he had in February was successful, so if he continues to make good progress we just may be able to come. If we do, we will definitely be visiting you, as it gives us the opportunity to indulge in our two passions, wildlife and photography. Plus I have never seen Harvest Mice, so I was excited to read you will be having them at your park, and I would love to get a good photo of them. In the meantime, all the best for your new season.

Kindest Wishes,

Marian Wade.

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