Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Treatment and bandaging of two special residents

This image shows the underside of a Chilean Flamingo's feet - cracked and infected - this happens on rare occasions and requires medical intervention from the Animal Care Team at the Park. This Flamingo has been separated from the flock and will be given a 5-day course of intra-muscular Synulox injections to treat the infection from within. This is supplemented by a daily topical treatment of the feet themselves with Sudacrem cream - assisting in the healing process.

As we've mentioned in previous Blogs, we unfortunately have to remove some of the Humboldt Penguin chicks from their nests due to over-zealous parenting that results in damaged or even completely squashed youngsters. This image, taken today, shows one of our Penguin chicks that was found splayed out with completely displaced legs last week. He had his legs taped straight by the vet and we're refreshing the bandages every few days. The objective is to re-align the legs so that he'll be able to walk properly as he matures.

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