Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Be-a-Keeper-for-a-Day (first participant for 2010!)

Louise Broadhurst is the first person to participate in the newly launched "Be-a-Keeper-for-a-Day programme at Seaview Wildlife Encounter on the Isle of Wight. Louise, aged 14 and from Essex, is on holiday this week; this was her first visit to the Park. This special day as a Keeper was a gift from her Grandparents who are resident on the Island.
Louise enjoyed a busy, varied day shadowing our Education Officer, Tara Hayter; she also spent some time with Headkeeper Craig Holmes.

Some of Louise's activities included cleaning and feeding the newly hatched ducklings in the Incubation House, preparing feed for the newly hatched Humboldt Penguin chicks and then helping to syringe-feed them; assisting with feeding of the adult Penguins, spending time with and helping to feed the Wallabies, the Meerkats and various furry animals in Pets Corner!

At the end of the day Louise said "it's been an amazing day and an unbelievable experience" .
Louise mentioned that she'd like to contact us in the future when she's ready to do a 'work experience' assignment. We look forward to welcoming Louise back to the Park in due course.

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