Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Seaview Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013!

DSC_0654Every year we run a competition here at the park to see who can capture the best photos!
The photographic opportunities at Seaview Wildlife Encounter are superb – and all within an unspoilt, natural environment.
Most of the Park's enclosures have "camera flaps" - these allow for unhindered photographic images - with no fencing or boundaries in the way!

This week we were sent some incredible images from 15 year old Joe Turner, as his entries for the competition. Joe managed to capture some amazing shots of our ducks and Barnacle Geese in flight!
Flying over Seaview!
Flying High!
Duck incoming!
The Morning glide around the park
If you are interested in entering the competition you can find details on our website:


The theme for this year is “Animals in action” – images can show Park animals on their own, in groups or interacting with a Keeper or visitor – as long as they are action-orientated!

We look forward to seeing your entries!

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