Saturday, 19 March 2011

Willis and Alfie’s Piggy Paddock extended!

As you can probably recall The Whittington family very kindly donated two very cute Miniature Pigs not so long ago. When they first arrived the six month year old boys, Willis and Alfie, were housed temporarily in an empty paddock in Pets Corner until they settled in and an extension was added to their enclosure.

Well they need not wait any longer, the day has finally come and now they can enjoy some sunshine and do what pigs do best and snuffle around!

P1060577 P1060578

The boys wasted no time, and were soon running, leaping and squealing with excitement!


Of course Olly and Basil, our very inquisitive Pygmy Goats, had to come and check out their new neighbours, although it looks like Willis was more keen to say hello!

Finally after all the excitement and commotion, the boys finally decided it was time to have an afternoon snooze and enjoy a sunbathe before enjoying a spot of alfresco dining later….tales wagging and all!

P1060585 P1060587

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