Thursday, 24 March 2011


Regular followers of our Blog will know that Alfie and Willis, two six month old Miniature Pigs, were donated to the Park just a few weeks ago – in time to welcome visitors to the Park for the 2011 season. Last week the two brothers were photographed frolicking around in their new outside run. Yesterday I just had to capture yet another ‘pig tale’ to share with you – showing just how popular these two boys are with our Animal Care Team!

Fern up close with Archie (resized 0987)

When the piggies first arrived at the Park Fern Daly (Animal Keeper, pictured left) was quite wary of them – she said she wasn’t sure that she really liked pigs …. well just look at how things have changed!! Fern now admits that she ‘absolutely loves’ Alfie and Willis!

This image shows Fern and Alfie rolling around in the hay having a ‘tickle tummy’ game, both with big smiles on their faces!

We have no doubt that Alfie and Willis will steal your hearts away too – come and meet them from next Saturday (2nd April) onwards – they're in ‘Pets Corner’ and will no doubt be ‘hogging the limelight’!

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