Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Our two six month old Miniature Pigs arrived this afternoon! “Alfie and Willis” were very kindly donated to the Park by the Whittington family from Shanklin. The Whittington’s have hand-reared the piglets from 6 weeks of age – initially in their conservatory and latterly in their back garden.

Alfie & Willis arriving at the Park 2 March 11


They’ve been loved, cuddled and spoilt like two puppies! Unfortunately, due to building extensions lessening the size of their back garden, Les and Elaine Whittington decided the pigs didn’t have enough space for foraging and needed to be re-homed.

Image left: Alfie (left) and Willis (right) arrived at the Park in the back of Les Whittington’s van.



Being coaxed from transport van to their new home


The family had grown very attached to the piglets (especially their eight year old daughter, Ella) so finding them a good home was really important. Elaine, just by chance, noticed our one-off advert in the County Press last week saying we were looking for micro pigs.

Image right: Les tempting the pigs out of the van with food.

Image below: Ella coaxing the two boys towards their new home.


 Ella coaxing the pigs along


Having been regular visitors to the Park the Whittingtons were really pleased at the prospect of the Park being the 'boys’ new home! It was almost as though it was meant to be! We had so hoped to find really tame miniature pigs – ideally on the Island so that they wouldn’t have the stress of a long-distance relocation .




Elaine, Ella and Les settling piggies in


Although young Ella was sad to part with her two pigs she seemed to be pleased to see them settling and snuffling in their new enclosure – and we’ve assured her that they’ll have plenty of love and attention from the Keepers and the visitors to the Park! We look forward to welcoming the Whittington family back to Seaview Wildlife to visit the boys whenever they feel the need!

Image right: Elaine, Ella and Les Whittington settling Alfie and Willis into their new home at Seaview Wildlife Encounter.

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