Friday, 20 September 2013

The tremendous trio who visit Seaview Wildlife!

DSC_0600Last week we were joined for the day by one of our most regular visitors Al who enjoyed his 4th ‘Keeper for the day experience’! Al has been visiting the Park for a number of years and due to his visual impairment is often accompanied by his chatty carer Tim.


Over the years Tim has in fact become a very familiar face to the Keepers and the Animals as he visits the Park almost every Wednesday with Danielle, also a very bubbly and chatty lady who Tim cares for. Danielle has visited the Park so many times she now knows all the answers to all the questions the Keepers ask, particularly when it comes to the Meerkats!
It is obvious what a great job Tim does in making sure Al and Danielle have a great day, despite the fact he comes away with another scar or bruise every time he visits, from the Animals that is!

All the Keepers look forward to the trio visiting the Park as they share their stories and antics and you can be assured they always put a smile on everyone’s face!


We hope to see Al next year for another Keeper for a day experience and no doubt we will see Tim and Danielle on Wednesday!

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