Tuesday, 17 September 2013


“  By far the best “
  We nearly passed this place by, we are delighted we didn’t.  Well worth the entrance fee”
Wonderful experience – we live on the Island.  Came years ago still as good!

IMG_5224-001 Yet another lovely day here.  It has changed a bit in a year but for the better ( didn’t realise it could get any better!).  As always ALL your staff are just so lovely!  Thank you and see you next year ! xx “

  We had a fantastic day, so beautiful.  Feeding the ducks was the high light of my daughters day, keep up the good work”

Duck at Seaview 060513 low res
  Second visit to Seaview Wildlife.  Brilliant fun, loved feeding the ducks, geese and penguins.  Great place to visit even for people with no children and who appreciate wildlife.  Thanks “

  This is our second visit and still as lovely as the first despite the rain.  Nothing else like it in the UK – delightful fun for the whole family”


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