Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mr and Mr Rattie off to the Vets…..

Templeton the ratRat Imagetwo rats
Our resident rats Templeton and Rizzo are off to see ‘ Doc Green’ our Vet this morning as all is not harmonious in the rat camp here at Seaview!
If you remember our blog from last year a little young rat appeared in our mealworm delivery box!  We decided to keep Rizzo and sourced a mate that we named Templeton.  So… all has been well for many months with the little critters blending together in perfect, peaceful harmony!  Not any more… hormones have kicked in, male dominance resides and the bickering has begun! 

Immediate action has been sanctioned and after much deliberating (sorry boys) castration is calling…… A mild sedative will be given and hopefully after a month separated a 70% chance of  the pair resuming a healthy, heart warming, harmonious reconciliation will reconvene….. will keep you posted!

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