Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Just hatched - Mallard in incubator DSC_0237
It’s a serious egg laying extravaganza at Seaview… the incubators are filled with special breed eggs from our sweet apricot call ducks to the more exotic Hawaiian Geese (Ne Ne).  We remove the eggs around the nests in the Park and incubate as the rooks, crows, seagulls and herring gulls swoop down and take the eggs and young.  They stand a better survival rate safe and in a warm, temperature controlled environment.

Call duck with new ducklings April 10 DSC_0225
Once the ducklings or goslings are hatched they are moved to warm brooders and monitored for a month or two until old enough to go out in specially designed enclosures with a pond so they can get their feathers waterproofed and start looking after themselves.  Once large enough they are manoeuvred down to the lower lake where our visitors can enjoy feeding them by hand.

Resized Lucy Vale Aug 2012
Come and have an egg-citing Easter with us here at Seaview it will be an amazing Wildlife Adventure……

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