Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Keeper Jo joins the Animal Care Team for 2013


I have always been fascinated with working with animals, however I never saw a career in the subject until I visited Zimbabwe for 4 weeks, volunteering at a Lion Conservation Park called, Antelope Park. After returning home, I was very interested in working with all types of animals, and definitely saw this as a career path. 


I have been at Seaview Wildlife encounter for 4 days, and I have enjoyed every minute. I have learnt so much already, and received a lot of help and support from the other Keepers.

On my first day at work, I got straight into the hard work, as well as being chased by a turkey, which was very entertaining. I wake up in the morning, looking forward to going to work.


I look forward to the Summer Season, to see the public walking around the park, and to complete my first public talk although I will probably be very nervous!

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