Tuesday, 22 January 2013


The weather goes from a thick blanket of snow last Friday where the Park looked beautiful ~ a winter wonderland to freezing cold icy conditions and now today pouring with rain!  The animals all seem fine with hearty appetites.  The Otters had fun skidding around on their icy pond and as always are incredibly inquisitive about their surroundings and what is going on.

Otter on ice 1 (resized)ASC eating trout (D Nordell)Otter with video camera on ice (resized)
The Flamingos look so very fragile but are actually quite tough hardy stock!  We put the Chilean group away at night when the conditions underfoot are bad but they look quite beautiful against the white back drop.
Flamingos in the Snow
The Alpacas and Turkeys had fun in the Wallaby Paddock with the Alpacas having a ‘funny five minutes’ and galloping around in the snow enjoying all the slushy white stuff.
Alpacas in the SnowTurkeys in the Snow
We all look forward to the warm weather arriving and spring time.  Don’t forget the Park opens on March 23rd !

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