Thursday, 20 September 2012

Update on our stowaway rat!

We blogged two weeks ago about a young, domestic (‘fancy’) rat that appeared in a shipment of mealworms we received from the mainland.  Readers of our blogs may remember that the company who supplied the mealworms, on hearing we were happy to keep the unexpected arrival as a new member of our collection, offered to send another young male rat, free of charge, to keep him company!
The second Mr Rattie arrived a few days ago and the two boys have settled down extremely well –making friends instantly!  Both seem very happy and relaxed - and have been a big hit with the Keepers and Park visitors.  The two have now officially been named – Rizzo (our first arrival – named after one of the rats in the Muppets) and Templeton (after the rat in the story ‘Charlotte’s web’).  I snapped a couple of images of the rodent run-abouts a few minutes ago:

    DSC_0229Templeton cropped 0233
Above: ‘Templeton’ the new arrival and companion for ‘Rizzo’
Above: Best of friends -Templeton and Rizzo exploring and tumbling about on Fern’s hands (and inside her fleece!) earlier today!

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