Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Recent Wildlife Encounters at Seaview

In the last week the park may have quietened down due to the School term times, but we have still had the pleasure of many fun Encounters over the past week.

Phillip Williams visited the Park on Saturday 8th September for his Keeper for a Day experience which had been purchased for him by his wife as a Christmas present

On Sunday we had two Meerkat Encounters, the first was Finlay Evemy’s Meerkat Encounter.

And secondly that day was Marion’s experience to meet and feed our mischevious Meerkats!

Jane and Nick where next up on Monday for their Combo Encounter.

They decided to book after hearing a good review from a friend who has already participated in a VIP Experience here at the park.

And last but definitely not least, we welcomed Al Wyman with his carer Tim, both regular visitors to the Park, Al joined us for his yearly 'Keeper For a Day' treat.

Although Al enjoyed the whole day, the highlight this year was feeding the ‘Lower Lake’, and meeting ‘Damien’ our hand reared Green-Crested Touraco.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in all our Encounters to date, we look forward to welcoming many more visitors over the remaining weeks of opening of our 2012 season.  We close on November 4th!


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