Saturday, 23 June 2012

Latest Encounters

On the 20th we had the pleasure of having a family join us to take part in a couple of encounters.
First up were Emily and Spike, to help feed our Humboldts on their Penguin Experience in the lovely Isle of Wight sunshine.
Next stop was the Meerkats, so Christine and Neale could get hands on with the 3 un-named characters.
And after polishing off the mealworms at lightening speed, they had an extra treat in the form of 3 chicken eggs.
On the 21st Kate visited the park for her Junior Wildlife Experience, And although she was a little unsure of a couple of the animals at first, she soon overcame her uncertainty and was feeding everything like a pro in no time.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us recently, and we hope to see you all again soon.

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