Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Giant Trout arrives for Otters!

Following our story of a few days ago where we reported on the non-arrival of our regular Trout delivery for the Otters, the good news is that a new batch has been delivered – and in amongst the normal-sized Rainbow Trout there was an absolute giant! Earlier this afternoon we decided to throw the huge fish in to the Otter enclosure in once piece to see how they’d react – and I captured a few images as the eager Otters ‘seized the moment’!

However, as with all animals, Otters aren’t always good at sharing! One of the three brothers - evidently the Otter equivalent of ‘The Lion King’ - took control of their monstrous catch and pulled it towards the water’s edge where he started to devour it on his own. After I snapped a few shots we decided to remove the tremendous Trout, chop it up, and share it amongst the boys so that all were able to enjoy the delicacy!

Tremendous Trout! DSC_0429 Trout being thrown to Otters DSC_0432 Looking for the Trout DSC_0436

Above left – huge Trout! Above centre – being tossed into enclosure Above right – Watching eagerly!

All tucking in!DSC_0445 The escape plan DSC_0438 A solo steal! DSC_0449

Above left – all 3 Otters tucking in Above centre – making a getaway Above right – dragging his prize to the water

It's heavier than you think! DSC_0450 I'll just get a grip on this! DSC_0463You're all mine! DSC_0454

Above left – a man-sized mouthful! Above centre – pinning down his prey in the water Above right – It’s all mine!

Smaller Trout but equal enjoyment!DSC_0472Being watched! DSC_0473Tucking into Trout DSC_0476

Above (all three images) – a smaller piece of Rainbow Trout being eagerly enjoyed by one of the other Otter brothers!

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