Thursday, 22 March 2012

Animal Care Team Meeting & Photo Session!

It’s only just over a week till the Park re-opens for the 2012 season ….. a time for planning, preparation and putting things in place! Today we had an Animal Care Team meeting - a start-of-season refresher induction with the emphasis on health & safety and risk assessments. It was also an excuse for a cuppa and some delicious sweet treats including Charlotte’s beautifully decorated, home-made cupcakes! Getting the Keeper Team together in one place all at the same time is not a common occurrence because of our rota system so it was really good to cover some key points – and of course a rare chance for a group photo or two!

We have two new team members for the 2012 season – Grace Turner and Becky Apelgren. I’ve included photos of the two of them (below) – welcome to the Animal Care Team Grace and Becky – here’s to a happy, healthy, successful season ahead for all of us!

Becky Apelgren March 2012 DSC_0597 Grace Turner March 2012 DSC_0595

Becky Apelgren (above left) and Grace Turner (above right) our new Animal Care Team members!

Tara March 2012 DSC_0601

Our Head Keeper, Tara Hayter, is due to have a baby on 13th April. Today is Tara’s last day with us for the next 6 months or so! Tara sets high standards for the Team and has a lovely way of getting things done in a quick, thorough, efficient manner. We’re all going to miss her loads! We’re looking forward to meeting the new arrival and will keep you posted on further news!

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