Tuesday, 15 November 2011


One morning last week Dr Ian Green, our eminent, longstanding veterinarian, spent some time with us here at the Park. The reason for the visit was three-fold:

  • This was one our scheduled bi-annual vet visits where health and husbandry topics are pro-actively discussed and reviewed.
  • To consult and treat specific cases.
  • To be a participant in one of our bi-annual Ethical Review Meetings.

It was a successful morning with all topics on the agenda being positively dealt with! The pro-active discussions related primarily to planning for the care of our livestock in the winter months ahead. This combined with a walk-around the Park so that Ian was able to observe and advise on various proposed Collection plans.

With regards the specific cases, Ian worked through a list of tasks with his usual speed and efficiency including:

  • Vaccinating Rabbits against Myxomatosis
  • Trimming Pigs’ trotters and injecting against worms and external parasites
  • Clearing compacted food matter that had collected under the tongue (due to weakened soft tissue in the mouth floor) of one of the Domestic Geese .

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