Thursday, 3 November 2011



From the Hon Chairman of the Petersfield Link of CCLL

31st October, 2011

Dear Miss Adams,

It was extremely generous of you to admit our group of Chernobyl Children to your Park on 28th October.  It was a real thrill for them to see such a wonderful variety of different species, both birds and mammals.  They had of course seen pictures of these creatures back home, but never had the opportunity of getting up close to them.  Feeding them with corn was a particular delight and we have many photographs of them with big smiles on their faces doing just that.

They will be sent home with an album of photos to remind them of their time here and in particular their wonderful experience with your creatures.

We are very grateful to you and all your staff for being so helpful in what must be very difficult financial times for you.  Please pass on all our thanks to those involved.

With many thanks from all the children and from us in the Petersfield Link.

Yours sincerely,

D .B. Burstall, Hon Chairman

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