Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Congratulations to the winners of this year's "Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition" at Seaview Wildlife!

Prizes are on their way! Thank you to all of you who entered - there were some really great images and it was a tough choice! Look out for our exciting 2012 photographic competition - we hope you'll enter again next year!" – and for those who didn’t enter – dust down your lenses and come and enjoy a wildlife photographic adventure here at the Park – we’re open 1st April – 4th November 2012!

1st Prize - Adult Category – Derric Nimmo – Leaf Cutting Ants

1st - Nimmo D - Leaf cutter ants 2011 resized

2nd Prize – Adult Category – Shashi Shinde – Peacock Displaying

2nd - Shinde S - Peacock (resized) 2011

1st Prize – Junior Category – Joe Turner (age 13) – Penguin Swimming

1st - Turner Joe - Penguin Swimming (resized)  2011

2nd Prize – Junior Category – Olivia Garner (age 15) – Moorhen on Nest

2nd - Garner Olivia - Moorhen on nest (resized)  2011

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