Monday, 4 April 2011



According to those in the know, this year’s opening for the 2011 season has been the calmest, smoothest and most successful ever! Thank you to all the team for their hard work in bringing the Park back to life ready for our opening day on Saturday 2nd April.

After all the bustling preparations in the weeks leading up to this weekend it was definitely all worthwhile! The Park is looking lovely – the grounds are bursting into new growth and spring life - almost as though the plants knew it was time to show off their splendour for the first of our 2011 visitors. The free-roaming ducks and geese gathered round eagerly to greet the first visitors, anticipating grain being thrown in their direction – whoever said birds had ‘bird brains’?!

Some of our special happenings this weekend included:

  • Right on cue ducklings hatched ready for the start of the Easter holidays!
  • The Whittington family (who recently donated two adorable Miniature Pigs to the Park) came to visit their ‘boys’!
  • Our cafe/catering division has been awarded a five star food hygiene rating for the second consecutive year (an exceptional achievement that many top restaurants and hotels have not come close to!)
  • We’ve opened our upgraded and refurbished cafe and gift shop (it’s looking fab!)
  • Our new Discovery Zone / Education Centre is in its final stages of metamorphosis having undergone an exciting overhaul this winter - with beautiful new display areas being completed for both the Leaf-Cutting Ants and the Harvest Mice.

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to the wildest place for a great day out …… this Easter, this summer, this year!

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