Saturday, 23 April 2011

Keeper for a Day - Denise Gormer

It seems that one day of being a ‘Keeper for a Day’ just isn’t enough for Denise Gormer as we welcome her to join the Animal Care Team once again!

P1060638 Administration worker, Denise has visited the Park many times and in fact was only spotted last week feeding the Penguins with our other visitors!

It’s becoming apparent to Denise that she would perhaps like a change of career, so when her Husband offered to treat her to yet another chance to become a Keeper for a day she jumped at the chance!






So for as quick as it took Skipper, one of our cheeky Humboldt Penguins, to swallow a sprat, Denise was getting stuck back into being a day as a Keeper and even had time to overcome one of her fears of Snakes….





Although our Mischievous Meerkats were a little timid, judging by Denise’s bubbly enthusiasm for the Park and all it’s animals I  don’t think it will  long before we welcome her back!

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