Monday, 16 August 2010

KEEPER FOR A DAY – Joshua Simmonds


Joshua & Cornelius DSC_0175

Joshua & Priscilla DSC_0189

Joshua Simmonds was Keeper-For-A-Day with us on Thursday 12th August.  Aged 15 and from Ryde, Joshua is a keen animal-lover who is particularly passionate about reptiles.

These 3 images show Joshua during the ‘Bugs & Reptiles’ session in the Tropical House where he spent a lot of time up-close with Cornelius the Corn Snake, Priscilla the Bearded Dragon as well as with one of the Hissing Cockroaches! 

When I asked Joshua what he thought about his day as a Keeper he said it was “awesome”!


Joshua & Cornelius DSC_0177

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