Wednesday, 11 August 2010

DIPPY – in the midst of his catastrophic annual moult!

These images were taken of a rather scruffy, tubby-looking Dippy earlier this morning.  However, we’ll follow up with another series of photos in a couple of week’s time when he’ll be looking good as new again once his new plumage has grown through! 

Dippy cute moult (re-sized) DSC_0154

Dippy moulting with flapping flippers (res-sized) DSC_0153

Dippy and his pals at the Penguin pool are in the midst of their catastrophic annual moult.  For those of you who follow our Blog regularly you’ll know that  Humboldt Penguins lose all their feathers over a period of approximately 4 weeks at this time of year (immediately after the breeding season).  Prior to moulting they gorge themselves with fish because in the wild they would be going without food for most of the moulting period (with feathers missing the Penguin’s are not fully waterproof and therefore stay out of the water during this time).  The birds are big, bloated and tatty-looking – it makes them feel grouchy and off-colour.  However, in the next two weeks they’ll have grown their new plumage and will be looking bright, fresh and plucky again!

Dippy's back moulting (re-sized) DSC_0157

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