Thursday, 11 February 2010

Shanklin Primary School visit!

It's been yet another busy week for Head Keeper Tara and some of our cute and scaly friends from the park!

This week Shanklin C of E Primary school was visited for a second time and pupils had the chance to meet 'Priscilla' our female Bearded Dragon as well as 'Collin' the Cockroach and 'Fluffy' our female Giant New Zealand Rabbit.

Unfortunately as cute as 'Willaby' our albino Wallaby looks in the photo, he was unable to join his friends on our school trip, no doubt he would have enjoyed all the attention but I'm not sure whether I would have enjoyed trying to catch him up again to take him home!

Once again the children loved the hands on interaction with the animals and even the
Hissing Cockroaches have some new found fans!

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