Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fern's Valentine surprise Trip to New York

Ssssh.... We had to keep a big secret around here for many weeks! Fern one of our very hard working members of the animal care team had a very big surprise today ! A Valentine surprise trip to the Big Apple!!

Fern's boyfriend Ed told her it was just a few days in the New Forest.....

Little did she know that today she was going to be whisked to Heathrow en route to one of the most exciting cities in the World!
Her text to Lorraine today was....OMG! I'm at Heathrow waiting for a plane to New York. I can't believe you kept this a secret from me....

The girls back here are wondering if Ed is that amazing and remembered to pack all the right clothes for her! It is one thing walking in the New Forest for a few days but going to New York for six days...and another thing....we wonder if he will propose???!!!....... Have a great time guys x

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