Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Guinea Fowl Twiggy helps herself from the feed bucket!

For those of you who've visited Seaview Wildlife recently you'll know that our Park comedians are a large flock of noisy, nosy, free-roaming Helmeted Guinea Fowl. They rush around the pathways, following Keepers and visitors, always looking to be centre stage! Their insistent squawks, more often associated with the African bush, regularly interrupt Keeper talks and the gentler calls of the other birds!

This photo shows the slimmest of the flock - we've named her 'Twiggy' - helping herself from a feed bucket. She's always keen to eat yet never gains any weight. When not in a wheelbarrow-load-full of duck grain, Twiggy spends her time following the Keepers around, hopping in and out of feed buckets and hoovering up Flamingo pellets from the prep room floor!

1 comment:

  1. That is the prefect description of Guinea Fowl, "noisy and nosy". Our little flock runs chattering and honking to any area of the property where a foreign sound is heard or an unexpected flutter is seen. They run to our van when we return from the store as if the are preparing to help carry the sacks and they run with the dog after the ball in the evening game.