Monday, 3 February 2014


I popped into my magic lighthouse this afternoon, which whizzed me over to the Needles. I was meeting up with some friends on Compton Beach to do a bit of surfing!!
When I arrived the crabs were all lined up with their boards, they very kindly let me borrow an extra surf board they had stored under the wooden steps.
The waves were perfect, huge rolling white crested waves which carried us as we balanced upon our surf boards. The crabs were experts, especially Snippy who had won several competitions.
After several hours of enormous fun and laughter we came out of the sea and warmed up on the beach as we sat huddled together around a roaring camp fire. We sipped nice hot tea from the shell cups the crabs had brought and toasted some Hot Cross Buns over the hot flames, which we all munched up very fast with creamy butter and strawberry jam.
Once I had warmed up I decided to take a little wander along the beach around to Brook Bay. The tide was now on its way out so I jumped across the rock pools filled with multicoloured seaweeds and collected a few pebbles for the otters Frank, Sammy and Dean back at the Park. They were redecorating the inside of their house and the bathroom walls were to be covered head to toe in pebbles, instead of  the traditional square tiles they'd had before.

Compton 220114 01 isle of wight Dippy (2)
I was about half way across Brook Bay when I spotted two seals sitting on the sand, it was when I got a bit closer I recognised them as my friends Mr and Mrs Grey who I had met a few summers ago. They were delighted to see me and invited me to join them on their knitted blanket which was spread across the dark black sand.
They were on their way to France for a winter holiday and had stopped at Brook for a rest before swimming through the night. We shared some fresh sardines together, which they had caught in Sandown and they drew a map in the sand of where they were going to stay. It was on a small campsite situated right next to a beach, self catering but all tents and equipment was inclusive which was very handy!
It was now 4.30pm and the sun was beginning to set and turn the white fluffy clouds into colours of pinks and purples. We said goodbye and I wished them both a safe and speedy journey.
Back at Compton the crabs were packing up, I helped to carry the surf boards to their secret hiding place and thanked them for a wonderful afternoons winter fun.
That evening at the Park, I told all the penguins at the pool about my brilliant afternoon adventure.

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