Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Today  I went to Yarmouth with my two goat friends, Basil and Olly. My magic 

lighthouse whiz zed us to Alum Bay, we then walked across Headon Warren, through 

the little village of Totland, and along Colwell Bay until we reached the small 

town of Yarmouth.


We hired 3 bicycles with helmets from a store in the town and set off for our 

bike ride on the old railway track which ran along the River Yar. It was 

delightful weather, the sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky and there 

was a slight breeze, which was very pleasant as we pedalled along the wide and 

very long pathway, all the way to the bridge at Freshwater. 


Basil suggested on our ride back we could have some fun racing games, Olly won 

nearly all of these because he was so super duper fast at pedalling, I won one 

of the races which was cycling for 10 metres standing up and not touching the 

bicycle seat!! 


Once back at Yarmouth we had a stroll around the Harbour, the boats rocked 

gently on the sea and the masts made tinkering noises like little bells, as the 

flags danced high above, amongst the many seagulls flying by. There were a few 

more clouds in the sky now and although the sun kept peeping through a shower of 

rain suddenly poured down upon us and soaked us completely. We were all 

shivering and now dripping wet, when Olly shouted out with delight to look up at 

the sky. There above us amongst the grey rain clouds and bright blue sky was the 

most enormous rainbow!!! What a treat to see such a beautiful site, I shut my 

eyes and made a wish.

Dippy Yarmouth 250214 01 


We had a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows in the cafe on the 

pier to warm ourselves up and then came home back to the Park for a long soak in 

a very deep bubble bath.

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