Wednesday, 26 October 2011



We are very pleased and proud to announce that due to huge public demand over the last few months, Seaview Wildlife will be offering Penguin Encounters, Meerkat Encounters (and the option of a combo Penguin & Meerkat Encounter) for 2012!!

As a one-off to mark the last week of our 2011 season, we agreed to one lucky couple experiencing the very first of the Penguin Encounters.  Yesterday, David Snell treated himself and his Penguin-enthusiast girlfriend, Danielle, to this hands-on wildlife experience.  They seemed to really love it!  Coming over from Bournemouth just for this experience, David was keen for the occasion to  be a memorable one for Danielle.  During the encounter Danielle was excited at being able to name one of our younger Penguins – now named Danielle! 

On leaving, both David and Danielle were bursting with enthusiasm and said they’d be telling their friends about the Park and would be back again in the Spring – possibly to embark on a “Wildest Date” with us!   We look forward to seeing you again David and Danielle – and in the meantime hope you’ll stay in contact via the Blog and via Dippy’s Facebook page (just enter Dippy Seaview in the search box).  Here are a few of photos of the Penguin encounter:



  1. Hi, Just seen this pop up on facebook!

    We both felt privileged to be your first 'Pengiun Encounter' guests! On a personal note, I'd just like to thank Jules & the other keepers who made us so welcome. You were so friendly from the start with our phonecall, through to the day itself. We couldn't believe how much time we got to spend with the penguins & you were great with answering all our questions & teaching us more about them.

    We're both looking forward to monitoring the progress of Danielle. She was very sweet & friendly & I loved it she took a shine to me. It was so cute when she kept standing on my feet & following me around! We loved them all really & so funny how they all have different personalities! It was also great to meet your most famous penguins - Dippy & Humphrey. We also loved meeting the wallabies & seeing the meerkats in particular.

    I will be sure to return in the spring. I'll definitely be passing on info to friends & family. I have already sent on the link to the blog to people as well as lots of texts last night saying what a great day it was. As your park is not as big as some of the larger national & more corporate zoos & parks, we really appreciated the 'personal touch'. The other penguin encounters I found etc. were in London or further away, so it was great to keep things more local & support your 'hidden gem'. Please do not be shy to let us know if there is any other way we can help you guys out, as you were so good to us...

    Thanks again SO much & just to let you know Danielle said last night it was one of the best things she's ever done in her whole life! I kept it a complete surprise until we got to the park itself too, so was a real surprise :-)

    We look forward to staying in touch & pass on our warmest thanks to all at Seaview Wildlife,


  2. It was such an amazing day...
    Thank you so much for the opportunity, it was a complete surprise and i LOVED it.

    Penguins have always been my favorite animal but i never thought i would get to rub some Penguins belly and backs, get to feed them lots of fish and especially have one named after me.

    I cannot wait to re visit the park in 2012 and if you even need any volunteer help please just ask as i would love to help and im sure David would too.
    Again thank you and see you soon :)